Wix.com Relies on BlueSnap™ to Power its Recurring Subscription-based Payment Model

March 19, 2013

Wix.com Relies on BlueSnapTM to Power its Recurring Subscription-based Payment Model

BlueSnap’s Flexible Buying Platform Equips Wix.com to Penetrate Global Markets

Waltham, Mass.—March 19, 2013—BlueSnap™, the most flexible and advanced buying platform for online companies selling goods and services over the web and mobile, today announced that Wix.com, a cutting-edge web technology that enables users to design, publish and host HTML5 web sites for free, has selected BlueSnap to enable a recurring subscription- based payment model. BlueSnap’s flexible and advanced payments platform processes payments for Wix.com customers, providing a simple and easy way for Wix.com to process customer renewals.

“As our company grew, we recognized the need for a payment solution that would scale with our business. BlueSnap worked closely with us to meet our needs, and helped us develop a platform that would tackle the payment issues we were experiencing with some of our global customers,” says Nir Zohar, chief operations officer, Wix.com. “BlueSnap understands how to work with global markets, serves as our local connection at any point of sale and relieves the stress of payment problems. Because of this, we can focus on our core business and ensure that our customers have all of the support and resources they need to be successful online.”

Built on a freemium business model, Wix.com earns its profit through premium upgrades which enable users to connect their web sites to their own domains, remove Wix.com branding, add eCommerce capabilities and more. BlueSnap’s automated subscription payment service integrates with Wix.com’s existing model. Through BlueSnap, Wix.com is equipped to send automated reminders to customers to renew their subscriptions, which ultimately drive profitable growth from the digital channel.

“BlueSnap is helping merchants overcome significant obstacles to reaching the next generation of online, digital, social, mobile and real world commerce, “says Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap. “Recurring payments is clearly the trend, yet merchants are currently limited in their ability to allow anything but card related subscriptions. Like Wix, BlueSnap’s customers need to be able to offer a variety of local payments and subscription options to maximize their revenue potential.”

Read how BlueSnap’s Smart Subscriptions™ provides merchants all the tools they need to create, manage, and optimize recurring payments–dramatically increasing a merchant’s capacity to maximize their recurring revenue stream.


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Serving over 5000 merchants, and supporting shoppers in 180 countries by localizing the experience, with 28 languages, 60 currencies, and 110 payment types, BlueSnap is powering buys for merchants around the globe, and fulfilling their promise to convert more shoppers to buyers worldwide. Learn more at www.bluesnap.com.

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