JadooTV Expands Globally with BlueSnap’s Flexible, Localized Online Payment Processing Solution

November 13, 2013

JadooTV Expands Globally with BlueSnap’s Flexible, Localized Online Payment Processing Solution

Waltham, Mass.—November 12, 2013—BlueSnap, an international payment gateway, announced today that JadooTV, a leading consumer technology and services company delivering Over-The-Top content to multicultural audience, has selected BlueSnap to process payments for its content and services from consumers worldwide. BlueSnap’s fully localized payment experience translates the checkout page into 28 different languages, with 60+ currencies and 110 payment types, providing one of the most secure and flexible online payment processing solutions available.

“As a global payment service provider, we are able to fully localize the experience for customers around the world, helping merchants like JadooTV break into new markets, reach new customers and increase profitability” said Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap. “JadooTV can now successfully offer a seamless checkout process for its global audience and ensure the secure delivery of its physical and digital products.”

“We had been searching for a payment solution that could cater to our global operations and disparate customer base. BlueSnap’s localized payment capabilities, dynamic marketing tools and seamless integration allows us to provide a localized payment solution to customers around the world,” said Rick Bottomley, chief financial officer, JadooTV .

BlueSnap helps companies monetize on a global scale. The company connects merchants to a worldwide network of payment processors and helps to convert more shoppers into paying customers with a localized and translated checkout page with one-click purchasing, helping to avoid immersion disruption and maintaining the integrity of the shopper experience.


About BlueSnap

BlueSnap is a smarter international payment gateway powering the checkout process for eCommerce merchants worldwide, and fueling growth for online businesses serving digital, physical and mobile markets. BlueSnap has reinvented the checkout experience by combining the power of these key components: Intelligent payment routing, seamless storefront integration, global payment processing, award winning smart subscriptions,

mobile optimization, and dynamic marketing tools for up-sell at checkout,

Serving over 5000 merchants, and supporting shoppers in 180 countries by localizing the experience, with 28 languages, 60 currencies, and 110 payment types, BlueSnap is powering buys for merchants around the globe, and fulfilling their promise to convert

more shoppers to buyers worldwide. Learn more at www.bluesnap.com.


About JadooTV

JadooTV is a consumer technology and services company based in Silicon Valley, committed to delivering Live and On-Demand content to viewers via its proprietary Internet based set-top box (STB). JadooTV is the leading distributor of Internet based South Asian television content, bringing Television, Movies, and Music to South Asian diaspora from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Middle East.

For more information on JadooTV visit: www.jadootv.com