BlueSnap powers SohoOS, the simple way to manage a micro business for free

August 30, 2011

BlueSnap powers SohoOS, the simple way to manage a micro business for free
BlueSnap eCommerce solution and Buy Anywhere API support unique management services environment where small and micro business can prosper through use of integrated and simplified management functions.

FREMONT, Calif., (BUSINESSWIRE) – August 30, 2011 – BlueSnap, the leader in hosted e-Business solutions, today announced that SohoOS standardized on BlueSnap as the e-Commerce platform for their cloud based business management services. BlueSnap provides a seamless integration into the SohoOS platform and handles all the payment processing, billing and purchase support services.

Subscriptions can be easily upgraded and administered by SohoOS as business users add additional low cost value added services to the core free cloud based eco-system.

The BlueSnap Buy Anyware API is also utilized to recognize returning business users and provides personalized purchasing features that enhance the customer experience.

SohoOS provides everything a micro business/freelancer needs in order to run a successful business, all available with a single click and in one location. The service is totally free, with charges only incurred on extended low cost services such as communication suite, marketing suite and more. With SohoOS there is no longer a need for a business user to jump from one software application to another just to handle ONE transaction. SohoOS also integrates with Facebook and Twitter to offer the Social Media Marketing/Networking arm that today’s businesses are starting to rely on.

SohoOS gives the small and micro business community a chance to integrate as many applications and services as they wish with a unified contact system, payment processing, and a social community, marketing

tools and customized reports.

“BlueSnap was great to work with as a partner,” said Ron Daniel, CEO of SohoOS. “They took the time to listen to our business needs and spent the time working with us to ensure we launched successfully. The BlueSnap Buy Anyware API was extremely easy to work with, response time is good and the solution for recurring charges BlueSnap offered was exactly what we needed. We look forward to growing our business with BlueSnap as our partner.”

Said Vice President of Marketing at BlueSnap, Charles Born, “There is no doubt SohoOS represents a most promising big step forward in the development of cloud-based business management. Their goal to facilitate a global shift in the business community where chances of success for small and micro businesses are equal to larger enterprise companies is very synergistic to one of the BlueSnap goals as well. We are proud to be able to offer billing for Cloud/SaaS services to exciting cloud companies like SohoOS as they increasingly turn to BlueSnap when the needs are mission critical and flexibility is key.”


About SohoOS

Freelancers and micro business owners live in a corporate dominated world and are faced with an impossible task. To compete on a day-to-day basis with big enterprises equipped with the most expensive management solutions and web based services. SohoOS is here to change all that for you. We are revolutionizing the way small and micro businesses interact and offer them a platform that will help them run smoothly without interference, all the while giving them a corporate edge in a nurturing environment, bundled in a simple to use, friendly and free solution. Our goal is to facilitate a global shift in the business community, where chances of success are equal to all. More information can be found at


About BlueSnap

BlueSnap is a comprehensive global buying platform that fuels growth for companies serving digital, physical and mobile markets. A single dynamic platform, BlueSnap helps businesses grow faster through a configurable and flexible approach to eCommerce, Payment

Processing eMarketing and Subscription billing. Businesses can simply integrate BlueSnap’s innovative and powerful BuyNow capability solutions anywhere onto their web sites supporting any merchant buying model. BlueSnap’s global network securely supports over 5,000 online businesses in 145 countries in multiple languages, currencies, payment methods and devices.