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In case you’ve missed the flocks of people running around with their phones in front of their faces this past week: Pokémon Go has officially launched. What is this phenomenon you ask? Pokémon Go is the fantasy of every 90’s baby – Pokémon in real life. When the app is opened, a map appears and allows you to explore landmarks around you to try to catch Pokémon. Gotta catch ‘em all, after all, right?


No doubt a mobile win for Nintendo, which has had shares skyrocket by 50% since launch, Pokémon Go is a game for the digital age. It’s easily accessible on your phone, and it doesn’t take much to get started. Whether it’s in the office or at a local park, it seems that nobody can stop playing Pokémon Go.


Now, being in the payments industry and loving everything mobile, we at BlueSnap had to investigate. Luckily, nobody in the office has walked into one another yet.


However, we quickly realized that the Pokémon Go app has a greater implication for the way our world works – especially in the payments industry. Pokémon Go is an innovative app, located on your phone, and able to be used at any time. No need to lug around a Game Boy anymore!


Thinking about the usability of the app made us think about something that is innovating the payments industry: digital wallets. Again: innovative, on your phone, and easy-to-use. Whether it’s at POS or online, digital wallets are changing the way people checkout. Ditch your Game Boy and your wallet!


From Apple Pay to MasterPass to Visa Checkout, the wallets are officially here. Retailers like Walmart and Starbucks have even introduced their own versions of these wallets.


But what is the importance of these wallets? Everything these days need to be frictionless, whether its games like Pokémon Go or digital wallets. Pokémon Go allows gamers to easily play this nostalgic game. Digital wallets allow customers to checkout quickly and easily – making it easier for both the customer and the merchant.


Especially for eCommerce merchants, digital wallets are going to be important to integrate as a payment option for a frictionless checkout. Customers are looking for ways to easily checkout (think Amazon), rather than filling out long forms and multiple pages. The digital wallets allow customers to have their payment information on hand and ready-to-go. If you want to convert more shoppers to buyers, adding digital wallets to your site could be the key.


So although people may be going crazy over Pokémon Go, merchants should be going crazy over digital wallets. While you’re catching all the Pokémon with Pokémon Go, consider catching all of the wallets to add to your site.


Not with a payment gateway who can help you get the wallets? You may want to consider switching. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Switching Payment Gateways – it’s like having a Charmander evolve to a Charizard in Pokémon Go:

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