Avalara allows your business to automate tax compliance and reduce manual processes associated with tax collection by automating slow, error-prone, and costly processes. Immediately improve the accuracy of your tax collection and increase compliance.

With BlueSnap and Avalara, we ensure you are compliant with your business’s tax requirements. Avalara automatically calculates and charges tax on individual customer purchases and provides the capability to submit and file taxes on your behalf.

Get Started with BlueSnap

Here’s What You Get with a BlueSnap + Avalara Integration

  • We provide you with a merchant account and payment gateway all-in-one
  • Fast & easy onboarding with no set-up fees
  • Automatic tax calculation in 100+ countries
  • Calculations for one-time, recurring, subscription, invoice, or repeat transactions, and refunds
  • Intuitive reporting to maintain a record of all taxes owed based on sales
  • Ability to separate authorization and capture
  • Effortlessly calculate tax for buyers in new regions
  • Each product you sell receives a unique tax code
  • Integrate with your current ERP and CRM systems