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Earlier this year we partnered with Visa and MasterCard to bring frictionless checkout to the masses. In the spring we launched MasterPass by MasterCard, and yesterday we announced the availability of Visa Checkout – two must have tools for optimizing payment conversions.


Shoppers prefer to pay on mobile. Fact. Last year mobile accounted for more than 30% of U.S. eCommerce volume – and it’s growing just shy of 40% per year. Growth outside the U.S. is even stronger. BlueSnap recently reported mobile eCommerce growth exceeding 115% in the EU.


Merchants that want to grow (or even just retain) their business through this accelerating shift must have a payments strategy that considers the conversion issues unique to the mobile channel. Mobile devices are enabling incredible user experience for so many different activities – saving tickets, optimizing driving directions, connecting with social media – yet when it comes to commerce, consumers are too often asked to type billing, shipping, and payment info their mobile keyboard. Disappointed by the checkout experience, shoppers are browsing on mobile and buying on desktop. And that transition across devices is where so many sales are lost.


Visa Checkout and MasterPass by MasterCard are incredibly simple checkout solutions that make it easier for the shopper to buy on any device and can increase conversion rates by more than 50% compared to traditional credit card checkout flows. Sign in. Choose your payment method. Confirm the order. Done.

How does it work?


Merchants needn’t feel pressured by the variety of wallets and payment types available today. BlueSnap is a uniquely agnostic payment provider committed to supporting any wallet or payment method that can improve payment conversions. And the flexibility of the Powered Buy Platform means that we can often enable them with the flip of a switch.


See for yourself. Read our Visa Checkout and MasterPass user guides, make sure they’re both activated in your payment method settings, and test them out. Your shoppers will appreciate it.

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