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In this week’s BlueSnap Snapshot, we asked companies how they localize the payment experience for international customers. Only half of companies offer local currencies, and less than half offer local payment types or local languages. A full 15% of those who responded take no action to localize the payment experience. 

Here are the full results: 

How do you localize the payment experience for international customers?

At BlueSnap, we know there is a better way to sell cross-border. Businesses that do not localize the payment experience for their customers are unable to enjoy the full benefits of expanding their sales to an international audience. 

We’ve learned that merchants that sell in local currencies see a 12% increase in sales. Offering local payment methods is a must for those geographies where debit and credit cards are not the norm. And selling in the local language and adhering to local compliance builds trust with potential customers. 

Of course, not every company can be an expert in selling cross-border – you just need to partner with a payment provider that is. The right payment provider can help you maximize your cross-border sales by localizing the experience and processing your international payments as if they were local. 

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