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In the past, when it came to selling in Canada, most merchants had to choose either, or. Merchants could either

  • Localize the shopping experience with Canadian acquirers, or
  • Sell to a US market with a US acquirer.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of either, or.

At BlueSnap, we believe in yes, and.

That’s why our API will let you sell locally in the US and Canada.  Because we are a huge fan of the many benefits that come with and, we have built the Powered Buy Platform to also work for other global markets like the EU and LATAM. As we all well know, global commerce is growing at a rapid rate, and our Powered Buy Platform is constantly evolving to help your business grow at the same rate as the rest of eCommerce.


Mastering Canadian eCommerce

When it comes to selling in Canada, merchants are faced with many challenges. For starters, Canada only has a few major acquirers, and of these few, most are Canada-centric and lack international capabilities.  BlueSnap’s Powered Buy Platform was built to handle these local complications.

Through one API with BlueSnap, merchants can be boarded to acquiring banks in both Canada and the US (AND Europe AND Latin America for that matter). This is huge. This approach does a few key things:

  • Gives you access to local Canadian pricing to.
  • Increase conversions for your shoppers – keeping Canadians in Canada; keeping US shoppers in the US and so-on.
  • One integration to the platform will extend to other markets. This single integration will also allow you to sell in EU and LATAM markets with the same local capabilities (pricing, languages, and currency).

The big change is BlueSnap gaining our PayFac licenses in Canada. This enables us to offer local processing and support for businesses with a Canadian entity.  BlueSnap is now a licensed Payment Facilitator in the US, Canada, Europe and has local processing capabilities throughout Latin America (to learn more about our LatAm capabilities, check out this blog)

So – Think AND!  Let’s get your business selling in Canada AND the US AND EU AND UK AND beyond.

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