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As part of your eCommerce website development services, what are some of the outcomes you promise potential clients?

A great user experience.
Revenue-driving features.
Top-notch insights and analytics tools.

At BlueSnap we promise those very same things to our merchants—and to the web design agencies that partner with us. Payment processing has a huge impact on business performance, which is why we do everything we can to deliver the kind of technology, tools, and support that contribute to an exceptional shopping experience.

So what makes us the best choice? Take a look at the payment processing features that have the most impact on an eCommerce web application and see how we stack up.

5 Payment Gateway Features That Most Impact eCommerce Web Applications

1. Support for alternative payment methods and all types of business models.

The companies you work with have varying needs depending on where they sell, what they sell, and how they sell it. You need one payment processing partner that can address all their needs.

BlueSnap supports all major credit cards and debit cards in addition to more than 100 alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, Masterpass, and more. We also have solutions for merchants who take sales orders by phone, mail, or email; and those who operate a marketplace business with multiple third-party vendors. Plus, our payment gateway can easily be integrated with whatever platform your eCommerce web application uses.

2. Support for global eCommerce.  

Along with the growth of global eCommerce and cross-border payments come a minefield of challenges: language barriers, different currencies, and foreign bank approvals. The reality is that cross-border transactions are less likely to succeed than domestic ones—unless your payment gateway is sophisticated enough to help things along.

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With BlueSnap, you can offer your clients the ability to “localize” the checkout experience. That means the checkout page appears in the shopper’s language, displays prices in their local currency, and accepts local payment methods (up to 13% of shoppers will abandon a potential purchase without local payment options!). Plus, our intelligent payment routing sends authorization requests to banks that are local to shoppers (in their own region), increasing payment acceptance rates.

3. Fraud protection.

eCommerce fraud increased to 33% in 2016, and that percentage is likely to continue trending upward in the near future. It’s a costly issue, and merchants need to know you’re doing everything you can to help protect their revenue—without interfering with the success of legitimate transactions.

At BlueSnap, we give merchants double the fraud protection they are likely to get elsewhere. Our built-in fraud prevention solution includes:

  • Proprietary security technology from Kount, a leading provider in fraud detection services.
  • Fraud prevention and security solutions including tokenization, client-side encryption, and card fingerprinting.

In addition, as part of your eCommerce web services you can offer individual merchants the option to customize their fraud settings to address their specific needs.

4. Security.

For your eCommerce web application, security should be paramount. But not every payment gateway makes it so easy to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Securities Standards (PCI-DSS).

As a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway, BlueSnap takes much of the burden of PCI compliance off the merchant. For those merchants who use our hosted checkout pages, we manage most aspects of compliance. Those who host their own order pages or use BlueSnap’s Payment API are automatically enrolled with our SecurityMetrics PCI compliance service, which helps ensure continued compliance and assists with the required tasks.

5. Payment Analytics.

A glorified spreadsheet doesn’t cut it in today’s world of data crunching. Many payment gateways simply offer dashboards with summary-level information, which not only makes the reconciliation process difficult—it also makes targeted business improvements virtually impossible. (Merchants who don’t have access to site analytics lose up to 40% of conversions!) Plus, your merchants need their data to be accessible anywhere, anytime.

BlueSnap offers a robust payment analytics platform that gives merchants the ability to mine transaction data. Merchants can use our standard set of reports containing data for different payment methods, products, price points, regions, and currencies, or use our reporting API to download the data and create their own reports. Our reports also allow them to keep track of the percentage of transactions that had a successful outcome, which helps identify problems in their payment process. Finally, we work closely with merchants to identify the reasons behind failed transactions and eliminate as many of those scenarios as possible.

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