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The future of payments and commerce is Open. Payment platforms, once guarded fortresses accessed only by rigid APIs, are becoming more open and flexible. Providers are unbundling services, allowing developers to access them via open APIs, and streamlining integration with tools such as guides, tutorials, and SDKs. The effort is accelerating development of more secure, scalable commerce solutions, and enabling new consumer experiences. More simply, it’s accelerating eCommerce innovation.

The open payments transformation is spreading throughout the entire industry. To highlight just a few examples, MasterCard announced last year an Open API team and the Developer Zone (recently renamed MasterCard Developers). Visa followed suit earlier this year launching Visa Developer. And most recently Vantiv launched its developer center, Vantiv O.N.E. (One Network Experience).

Building a comprehensive, organized, user-friendly developer center is no easy task. We at BlueSnap set out on such a mission a few months ago, and have been taking note of other examples in the industry along the way. The result of our work, the BlueSnap Developer Hub, was released earlier this month, and we feel very strongly that it is the best in the industry. Already, we’ve seen other payment providers take inspiration from our design.
We like to think of the Developer Hub as the UI for our APIs, which is why we took great care to make it visually appealing (clean and simple) and well-organized, knowing that is must also showcase the breadth of our payments and eCommerce functionality.


The BlueSnap Developer Hub includes:

  • Quickstart guides for the Payment API, Extended API, and Reporting API, along with clear code samples for every endpoint.
  • An API Explorer. Developers can test API calls in our sandbox environment from inside the documentation itself. You don’t even need to create a sandbox account. Just copy/paste one of our many code samples into the API Explorer, and you’ll get an actual response from our servers in real-time.
  • Implementation guides and tutorials for using common features such as Hosted Payment Fields, Client-Side Encryption, Fraud Prevention, Account Updater, Subscriptions, Webhooks, MasterPass, Visa Checkout, PayPal, and our Android SDK. Each guide contains step-by-step instructions for several use cases with code samples!


  • The developer hub also features an intelligent search tool and an ability for any user to suggest edits.

BlueSnap supports developers with open APIs and related tools, enabling them to code the next generation of commerce experiences. The Hub is a single destination where developers can easily explore and interact with all of our features and services. Developers can also sign up for a Sandbox account to test their specific integration.

Lastly, in addition to our own developer hub, BlueSnap offers tools and engages with the developer community on several third-party websites. Developers can find our Android SDK on GitHub, checkout page samples on CodePen (Bootstrap and Material), and interact with us and other BlueSnap developers on Stack Overflow by tagging questions with BlueSnap.

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