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Coupons are a tried-and-true way to increase sales and drive more traffic to your site. You are likely using them already, and if not, then they should be high on your to-do list.


BlueSnap’s BuyNow Hosted Checkout solution makes it very easy to take advantage of this key sales conversions tool. We provide flexible options to help you set up coupons that meet your specific business case, and we also make it simple to allow shoppers to redeem them in your checkout pages.


For example, if you would like to offer a limited-time coupon for a specific holiday or promotion, such as Cyber Monday or a Memorial Day sale, that is easy to set up in BlueSnap. You just set the coupon’s discount value, the start and end dates, and then rest assured that it can only be used during that limited time period.


To catch a potential shopper’s eye, you can set up a custom coupon code such as CyberMonday to match the promotion or holiday. And to make it even easier for your shoppers, you could just pass the coupon code in to your checkout page. Shoppers can then simply click and go right to your checkout page with the discount already applied.


Coupons are also a great way to bring existing customers back to your site, to boost repeat purchases and increase customer lifetime value. Again, this is a breeze to implement in BlueSnap. You can set up a coupon with a set of one-time-use codes and then just distribute a unique coupon code to each of your customers. Now your shoppers have an incentive to return to your site, while you can be confident that each coupon code can only be redeemed one time.


For a quick walkthrough on setting up coupons in BlueSnap, and some of the key coupon features you’ll want to use, check out this short video:


Enjoy, and let us know about your coupon success stories!

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