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Historically, Apple sees swift adoption rates for new devices and operating systems. In fact, 74% of Apple’s mobile device users upgraded to iOS 7 within 3 months of release. Anticipating a similar adoption rate for iOS 8, we’ve updated our Client Side Encryption API to support shoppers using iOS 8. This will ensure that shoppers who update their iPhones and iPads will benefit from the same encryption strategy that allows BlueSnap to protect payment card information on all web devices.

The Client Side Encryption API encrypts sensitive payment fields on the checkout page on the shopper’s device before the information is sent to the merchant’s server. The encrypted information is then sent to BlueSnap’s servers, decrypted and processed.


As one of the most flexible gateways on the market, we allow merchants to integrate using our extensive library of APIs, APIs with client side encryption and hosted checkout pages. Merchants can reach shoppers in 180 countries who will be able to purchase products and services in 29 languages and 60 currencies using 110 different payment options. On all devices, we automatically localize the checkout experience based on the shopper’s geographical location and intelligently re-routes failed transactions to help increase transaction success rates.


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