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A good payment gateway is essential to your company’s success, and a bad one could be sinking your sales. But how do you know if your payment provider is offering the best services out there? It’s a tough topic to traverse, but not if you’re asking the right questions. That’s why we created this eBook: 10 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Payment Gateway Provider.


choosing a payment gateway


Starting with technical integration and implementation, we’ll answer all your questions through to getting paid. Complete with pro tips for startups, we’ve categorized the ten most important questions into four buckets:

  • Technical Integration and Support
  • Shopper Experience
  • Security and Fraud
  • Getting Paid


Did you know that merchants who don’t offer a localized checkout experience report abandonment rates as high as 67%? That’s a pretty large window of missed opportunity, but with the right payment provider, it’s easy to close the gap. Without changing any of your marketing efforts or product development, you could increase sales up to 67% just by improving the localization aspect of the checkout experience. Presenting in local currencies, offering multiple payment types and connecting to multiple acquiring banks provide the localized experience your shoppers need to become buyers.


The eCommerce industry is worth $300 billion and growing by the second. Don’t get stuck with a payment provider who is unable to provide insights and support when it comes to growing your business. When it comes to asking the right questions about your checkout process, you shouldn’t be afraid of the answers your payment provider will come back with. You deserve a trusting and authoritative gateway to help your sales soar.


This eBook will serve as a helpful travel guide as you navigate the vast world of payment providers and discover the solution that is best for you. You deserve the best that payment gateways have to offer and this guide can help. Download your free copy today!:

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