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The State of Israel, a country roughly the size of New Jersey, located on the Eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, celebrated 70 years of independence last week.

Our technology and development team is based in Israel. And they can get pretty busy throughout the year delivering and enhancing our All-in-One Payment Platform technology. But they took some time off to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day, and we would like to share with you some examples of how they did it and what this milestone means for them.

Chaim Lichy

Chaim Lichy – Support

Chaim came to Israel from the US 3 years ago.

How I celebrate: Having BBQ with a bunch of English speaking friends. The first year I came to Israel, I visited the Israeli air force museum and it was very exciting for me.

What Israeli Independence means to me: My grandfather came from Cuba to fight for Israel’s independence war in 1948, so it means a lot to me that my family was involved in the establishment of the state.

Anna Ogiy – QA

Anna was born in Ukraine and has been in Israel since she was 8 years old.

How I celebrate: Like every year, with my family

What Israeli Independence means to me: I didn’t know what Independence Day is till I did “Aliya” (Immigration to Israel). I learned the first time about the independence and declaration of a Jewish country in school.

Mark Poltorak – Support

Mark came to Israel from the Russia 7 years ago.

How I celebrate: We go to our favorite spot in Israel – Hof HaSharon National Park and picnic with our friends while we watch the air show.

What Israeli Independence means to me: During Independence Day I am celebrating not just Israel’s independence, but my own as well. I started living alone only after I came here, I started to work not as a freelancer, but full-time only in Israel, and here I found my wife/my love, with whom I am celebrating the birth of the country that gave us a chance to live together happily and bring up our child.

Guy Einav – DBA

Born and raised in Israel

How I celebrate: A Day off, crowds in the streets, foam spray, balloons, fireworks, the smell of fire and BBQ. I plan to go out with the kids, see some fireworks, eat hot dogs and cotton candy, and barbeque until there is no more food.

Valeria Rozenblit – Support

Valeria was born in Ukraine, and came to Israel 3 years ago,

How I celebrate: usually I celebrate Independence Day with my friends. We watch the parade, raise a glass of wine for the prosperity of our country, sing Israeli songs and enjoy this amazing vibe

What Israeli Independence means to me: I received my Israeli ID on May 13, almost the same date when 70 years ago David Ben Gurion proclaimed the Declaration of Independence. From that moment I divide with Israeli people a great honor and great responsibility. I was born and raised in Ukraine, however, my father told me a lot how our nation fought for the independence. It will be my third celebration of this holiday, but I cannot stop to be impressed how sadness joins with joy this day.

Avish Yeshurun

Avish Yeshurun – R&D

Born and raised in Israel

How I celebrate: Last week I hang a huge Blue & White flag on the porch of my house. It is a day of joy, brotherhood, a huge celebration of flags and fireworks, and most of all a day of national pride. I will probably spend the holiday with my family and friends. Picnic / BBQ / random sitting somewhere… The national atmosphere can be felt almost everywhere and that is exactly what I like in this holiday

What Israeli Independence means to me: Despite all difficulties and challenges of such a small country surrounded by enemies, we have become in such a short time a superpower in security, economy, medicine, agriculture, desalination and many other technologies. It is a special day, in which I am proud – more than ever – of being an Israeli living freely in the State of Israel.

Derek Fattal

Derek Fattal – Legal

Derek came to Israel from England 20+ years ago.

How I celebrate: A small night party for some 20 friends, with a few staying over, then going to some pals who host a big BBQ lunch in their garden each year the following day. We’ll be discussing politics, what brought us here, and what makes us stay, how we feel about raising kids here, what the future holds and hoping that one day there will be peace in this crazy region of the world.

What Israeli Independence means to me: What makes it so special is that the prior evening and early part of the day are devoted to the solemn memory of fallen soldiers from Israel’s wars. Not a single casualty is forgotten and every single one is visited with a short memorial ceremony conducted.

And this is a just a small sample of the many talented people we have working in our Israel office. Below are some pictures of how the BlueSnap tech team celebrated Independence Day this year.


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