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Apple Pay enables frictionless credit card payments and eliminates the need to manually type card or shipping details. Customers authorize payments with Touch ID. Integrate the fluid experience of Apple Pay into your website or app to increase online conversions today. 

Seamless payments in app and on the web.


Shoppers using iOS and Safari can pay with Apple Pay throughout the US, Canada, Europe & Asia-Pacific.

2X More Conversions

Apple Pay delivers frictionless checkout by eliminating the need to type billing and shipping details. Payments are authorized with just a touch. Increase conversions by giving shoppers an easier way to pay.

Easy Setup

BlueSnap provides you with a merchant account so that you can start accepting Apple Pay in a snap and open your doors to iOS users. Apple developer account not required for Apple Pay on the web. Implement Apple Pay today.

Enhanced Security

Apple Pay is the safer, more private way to pay. Every transaction is tokenized so you don’t have to worry about handling sensitive cardholder data.

Anywhere You Get Paid

Add Apple Pay to your online checkout, offer it to the vendors in your marketplace, or combine it with your invoice payments solution. Learn more about our Payment Request API for one-click enablement of all eWallet options.

Use For Everything You Sell

Apple Pay collects the shopper’s billing, shipping, and contact information so you can charge for physical goods, subscriptions, and more.

Increase your online conversions today. 

Offer the payment types your shoppers expect.

eWallets, like Apple Pay, dramatically improve checkout conversions. If you’re not offering them to shoppers already, you should strongly consider it as well as a wide variety of other payment types.

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Apple Pay Docs

Check out our docs to learn how to implement Apple Pay onto your checkout.

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