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Big news today: We’re excited to announce the arrival of Apple Pay into the BlueSnap family of supported payment services! It’s the very latest in our ongoing efforts to give merchants all the tools they need to provide a frictionless checkout experience.

How does Apple Pay work?

For eCommerce merchants, there are two different ways Apple Pay can be used:

  • In your iOS mobile app. Display the Apple Pay button on your product or checkout pages. When selected, a payment page on the shopper’s phone prompts them to authorize the payment by scanning their fingerprint; payment is submitted using the credit card stored in their Apple wallet.
  • On your website. Merchants can offer Apple Pay to shoppers using the Safari browser. After clicking on the Apple Pay button, shoppers authorize the payment with TouchID. Shoppers with newer-model Macbooks scan their fingerprint on the keyboard; shoppers with older models scan their fingerprint on a phone or a watch that syncs with the computer.

Everything you need to collect from the shopper to fulfill the order—billing address, shipping address, and other contact information—can be accessed via Apple Pay.

Who can offer Apple Pay?

The Apple Pay integration is available to merchants who use BlueSnap’s API and/or hosted checkout pages. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling—subscriptions, digital content, or physical goods; if you’re a merchant connected to us through one or both of these methods, you can offer Apple Pay. It will be available for all of our payment processing solutions, including traditional online checkout, payments for Marketplaces, and invoice payments.

How can merchants benefit from using Apple Pay?

A frictionless checkout process makes customers happy.

Apple Pay is similar to other mobile wallets in that it removes friction from the checkout process, but to an even greater degree—just a touch of the finger confirms and completes every transaction.

Fewer declines boost conversion rates.

The authentication built into Apple Pay—a fingerprint—increases confidence that the shopper is the rightful owner of the credit card. The end result is fewer declined transactions.

Underlying security technology dramatically reduces fraud.

Not only does fingerprint authentication make it difficult-to-impossible for fraudsters to use a stolen card, but the security technology behind Apple Pay goes even further.

Every transaction made using Apple Pay is given a unique token, made for one-time use only. That token is then encrypted so that you, the merchant (or anyone else), is unable to recognize the credit card number. And since the token can only be used once per transaction, there’s no danger of exposure should the tokens fall into the wrong hands—say, in the event of a breach. (Tokens are also only valid for one specific merchant, making any stolen information even less useful.) There’s virtually no risk of payment information falling into the wrong hands.

Is your business ready to experience the benefits of Apple Pay?

Visit our website for more information about Apple Pay and our Developer Hub for documentation on how Apple Pay works with our API.

BlueSnap is committed to providing our merchants with the latest payment technologies as they arise, to optimize conversion rates and reduce fraud. If you have any questions about Apple Pay, contact our merchant support team—we’re happy to help!


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