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At BlueSnap, there’s nothing we love more than meeting up with our friends at Kount to talk about the best ways to protect payments and sell globally — and what better place to have that conversation than in Tel Aviv, Israel, ranked one of the most important economic hubs in the world.

That’s right. On April 8th, four innovators in the fraud and payments world are gathering for a live seminar at LABS TLV to discuss:

  • The latest fraud trends and how to protect your business
  • The value of a global, All-in-One Payment Platform
  • The best tools and tactics for securing IoT device payments
  • The state of digital innovation today and how to prepare for the future

… and more!

If you’re from an Israeli business selling globally or into other countries, you don’t want to miss this.

Selling Globally Presents Large-Scale Challenges

If you’ve been trying to sell internationally for any period of time, then you’ve probably run into some of these issues:

Limited Payment Type Offerings

Firstly, many of the local credit card processors in Israel don’t support the relevant, localized payment types you need to successfully sell into other regions. In the US, for example, payment methods like Paypal, ACH, and American Express are incredibly popular. If you’re not offering these payment options to your US customers — especially if you’re a B2B company — then you might as well not be selling to them at all.

Low Cross-Border Payment Acceptance Rates

If that weren’t enough, most local Israeli payments providers are only partnered with one global bank, which means that any sales made into the US or EU will be more likely to be rejected or flagged as fraud. Statistically, locally-processed transactions have higher acceptance rates, so the location of the acquiring bank is critical for successfully selling into different regions.

Cumbersome (and Costly) Integrations

If you want to offer multiple, localized payment methods such as eWallets, most Israeli-based payment processors require you to integrate with several different solutions for each. Managing all of these integrated solutions is tricky for even the most seasoned of developers.

Sell More & Save More with An End-to-End Global Payments Solution

Luckily, Israeli businesses don’t have to continue slumping under the weight of old-fashioned or insufficient payment processing solutions.

BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payments Platform is connected to 30 global banks from regions all around the world and supports 110 of the world’s preferred payment types. Our intelligent routing engine ensures that transactions are processed by local banks for the highest likelihood of acceptance — and with automatic failovers and retries, the platform ensures that more sales are saved with no hassle to you.

Plus, Kount’s advanced, award-winning fraud protection technology is built into the platform, ensuring the highest levels of compliance and security for your business. With one simple integration, the BlueSnap platform opens your business up to a world of optimized payments, increased conversions, delighted customers, and maximum revenue for your business.

But That’s Only Scratching the Surface…

Payments, fraud, and global eCommerce are complicated, and there’s more to discover about optimizing your payments processing, expanding your customer base, and protecting your business and your customers from fraud.

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