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As a business owner, there is always one question on your mind: how am I going to grow my business? Sometimes it’s not always the easiest question to answer. There are many ways to grow a business, however, as the world is becoming flatter and flatter, there is an increasingly large opportunity for businesses who expand globally (in fact, it is a 4 trillion dollar growth opportunity!). Making your business internationally friendly is a step in the right direction for those who are looking to grow their businesses.

Now you might be thinking, okay, but where do I start? Luckily for you, we’ve created a list of ten countries with the largest eCommerce market size. These are the countries where you should expand into in order to get the biggest global ROI. We have also included other key items to consider to ensure you get the greatest return – such as local language, currency, and popular alternative payment methods – now you can get the ball rolling on making your page as local as possible while expanding globally!

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Not convinced? Here are some success stories of BlueSnap customers who have expanded globally and gotten huge returns:

• We had a merchant who was seeing payment conversion rates of 82% when shoppers from Canada were paying in USD. However, when they switched the currency to CAN the conversion rate increased to 98%. A 16% increase on conversions can make a huge difference in profits!

• Our merchant Disruptor Beam turned on international currencies and was able to expand into over 100 countries in a snap.

• Another one of our customers who went global and acted local saw:
– 53.1% of 2013 sales generated by non-English speaking customers
– 39% of 2013 sales generated in non-USD currencies
– Up to 17% of sales per month were paid through alternative payments


Partnering with the right payment gateway can be the first step in conquering your connection to the world. We at BlueSnap are happy to be your Christopher Columbus and help you navigate these foreign waters. To see how you can get started today, click here:

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