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Crush the Curve Idaho Case Study

Crush the Curve Idaho needed a fast, compliant way to accept medical intake forms and payments for COVID-19 tests. With the support of BlueSnap and JotForm, they’re getting Idaho back to work.

“JotForm's HIPAA-compliant form fit perfectly into Crush the Curve’s culture of safe and streamlined tech. It was a massive bonus to find out that our payment and donation solution, BlueSnap, was already fully integrated with JotForm, making the process super seamless.”

Camille Blaylock, Crush the Curve Idaho

Who Is Crush the Curve Idaho?

Crush the Curve Idaho started as the joint effort of local business owners during the statewide shutdown to boost Idaho’s testing capacity. “The hope was by increasing testing capacity in the state, we could make informed decisions moving forward, open our companies back up and keep Idaho’s economy open throughout the remainder of this pandemic,” said Camille Blaylock of Crush the Curve Idaho.

Since its launch, Crush the Curve Idaho has partnered with labs throughout the country to achieve greater testing capacity for the state. Now, Idaho is able to process 116,000 active virus tests per week. Crush the Curve Idaho serves as an important provider of Rapid Response Testing for businesses and organizations throughout the state that have identified cases of COVID-19 in their workplaces.

Crush the Curve Idaho has helped many businesses in the state keep up with new pandemic rules and guidelines as well as reduce the costs and challenges of testing at scale. In particular, Crush the Curve Idaho has served many of Idaho’s nursing homes, providing the bulk of recurring testing needed to keep the elderly safe as the pandemic has unfolded.

In addition to raising money for testing, Crush the Curve Idaho also helps hone the state’s messaging on the pandemic, advise on reopening plans and conduct antibody testing. The website’s Idaho COVID-19 Tracker dashboard makes it easy for anyone to quickly understand the status of the pandemic in Idaho.

The Challenge

To get Crush the Curve Idaho up and running quickly, business leaders needed a fast, easy process for users to give their information and pay for testing. Because these are medical tests, they also needed a process that was HIPAA compliant.

Additionally, the organization needed options for fundraising to support its far-reaching initiatives, including providing tests for those who can’t afford it and supporting Idaho’s overall response to the pandemic.

The Solution

Crush the Curve Idaho chose BlueSnap and JotForm, because, together, the companies provide a clean patient intake form with a simple way to pay.

“JotForm was a dream to work with,” according to Blaylock. ‘The user interface actually blew people’s minds. The fact that a medical test intake form could be that streamlined and such a clean process? It was just unheard of, and the HIPAA-compliant form fit perfectly into CrushtheCurve’s culture of safe and streamlined tech. It was a massive bonus to find out that our payment and donation solution, BlueSnap, was already fully integrated with JotForm, making the process super seamless.”

JotForm, a BlueSnap partner, enables Crush the Curve Idaho to safely and securely collect health data and simplify the intake process. With the easily accessible form, business leaders and individuals in Idaho can book an appointment, obtain signatures and collect payments. Crush the Curve Idaho is just one of many organizations combating the spread of COVID-19 that JotForm is supporting via their Coronavirus Responder Program, which offers free, unlimited, HIPAA-compliant JotForm accounts to organizations assisting their communities during the pandemic.

“Together, JotForm and BlueSnap provide an effortless way to collect valuable information alongside payments,” said Briana Strauss of JotForm. “Getting started with your first payment form is incredibly easy. Simply create a custom payment form or use one of our templates, add BlueSnap, and start collecting payments or donations online right away. This helps to reduce in-person contact and streamline processes with a secure platform.”

When Crush the Curve Idaho launched, they needed a way to quickly integrate payments into their website and knew BlueSnap could meet the needs, as some of the business leaders involved partner with BlueSnap on other projects. In addition to processing testing payments, BlueSnap also helps Crush the Curve Idaho accept donations and sell merchandise. Crush the Curve Idaho’s One-for-One merchandise program donates a test for every item sold to someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford one.

The Results

With the support of BlueSnap and JotForm, Crush the Curve Idaho has partnered with 170,000 Idahoans to collectively crush the curve. As students look to get back to school and businesses prepare to go back to work, Crush the Curve Idaho is continuing to advise organizations on how to safely reopen and keep up with testing. It has already teamed up with more than 600 companies to plan how to reopen safely, test their employee base and stay open in the fall.

To help move Idaho along towards post-pandemic life, Crush the Curve Idaho has also partnered with the University of Washington Virology Lab to provide COVID-19 antibody testing and has already administered over 16,500 tests to people across the state. With data collected through JotForm, CrushtheCurve is also helping with contact tracing to contain the spread among those who opt in and test positive for the virus.

Community outreach has been another important pillar of Crush the Curve Idaho’s success and will continue to be important as communities in Idaho move forward. The organization has worked closely with the Idaho Department of Health to develop public messaging as well as plan media and other upcoming projects. Crush the Curve Idaho is also engaged with students and schools. This summer, it kicked off a Summer Writing Essay Contest in partnership with the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare and the Idaho National Laboratory for students in grades K-12 to individually learn about COVID-19 and how they can contribute to community health.

The key to success for Crush the Curve Idaho has been collaboration and partnership. An organization run entirely on donations, it has become one of the most important testing providers in Idaho and a key participant in crushing the curve in their state. With partnerships across government and local businesses, as well as technology partnerships with BlueSnap and JotForm, Crush the Curve Idaho has helped to save lives and keep people safe during this historic pandemic.


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