Case Studies

Cakemail Case Study

Cakemail is a web-based email marketing platform that allows global companies to easily communicate with their customers and prospects. They were able to enter more global markets with confidence knowing that BlueSnap's global network of acquiring banks would convert more shoppers to buyers.

“We are a global business with global aspirations and we needed a payment gateway that could support where our business is today and where it would go in the future.”


Who is Cakemail?

Founded in Montreal in 2007, we are a web-based email marketing platform that allows companies in over 40 countries to easily create, send and track emails. Our solution is simple to use and allows users to send emails in a way that is best for their business or personal needs.

What makes your solution unique?

We focus on what matters for small businesses. Some email service providers offer twenty features of which customers only use five or ten. We like to focus on the most used features and deliver the highest quality emails with an easy-to-use interface. Our solution is also available in multiple languages which allows us to serve customers Portuguese, French and Spanish versions of our product.

How do you find customers?

Our marketing initiatives include: search engine marketing and optimization, content curation, social media engagement, and display advertising. We offer a free trial version of our product, which is how we sign up most of our new customers. After using the product for a few weeks and getting to know the ins and outs, people often sign up for the full version, and share their experiences with friends.

The Challenge

So why did you switch to BlueSnap?

We needed a solution that afforded us the flexibility to manage our complex billing system. We offer custom plans, variable monthly billing amounts and custom line items. Due to the complexity of these billing options, we needed a payment gateway who could help us manage our solution with maximum efficiency. BlueSnap’s robust API integrates perfectly to the billing system we developed, enabling us to bill clients with ease. We are a global business with global aspirations and we needed a payment gateway that could support where our business is today and where it would go in the future.

How are you integrated to BlueSnap?

We leveraged the API and created a UI allowing resellers selling Cakemail to monetize their business easily, even if they used a CPM-based, variable monthly pricing. BlueSnap’s hosted fields allow us to adhere to PCI compliance standards while maintain a branded Cakemail feel.

The Solution

How has BlueSnap helped you expand your business globally?

In certain countries, like Brazil, you cannot get money out of the country without routing through a Brazilian bank. With a single account and connection to BlueSnap we are automatically connected to a wide network of banks all over the world, so we don’t have to worry about missing out on sales due to payment inadequacies, or choosing which country to optimize payments for. BlueSnap is helping us reach new markets as we can receive payments from anybody in world thanks to a simple API integration. Also, since we are based in Canada we needed to have a Canadian processor so that we could optimize the transactions for our Canadian shoppers.


The Results

So what impact did the switch to BlueSnap have?

When we were only on a US processor, transactions from our Canadian shoppers would only be approved 60% of the time. Now with BlueSnap they are going through 90% of the time. This gives us the confidence to enter any market without being held back by payment processing limitations. Our top markets right now are: the US, India, Brazil, Canada, Western Europe, and Mexico. BlueSnap is truly a solution for the globally minded business. As a Canadian company, it’s inspiring to know that as we continue to enter new global markets, we have a processor who can support our expansion.