BlueSnap’s New Hosted Checkout Pages Provide Merchants with One Checkout Window to the Entire World

February 20, 2014

BlueSnap’s New Hosted Checkout Pages Provide Merchants with One Checkout Window to the Entire World

Pre-configured with dynamically localized pages, A/B testing capabilities and PCI compliance, BuyNow2 lets merchants skip all the heavy development and sell online instantly

WALTHAM, MA – February 20, 2014 – BlueSnap, a global payment gateway, today released BuyNow2, the next generation of hosted checkout pages that make it easy for merchants to sell their products in 180 countries, serving up localized pages in 29 languages, with 60 currencies and 110 payment types on any device. Unlike other payment solutions that place the burden of development on merchants, the pre-configured BuyNow2 checkout provides dynamically localized pages, A/B testing capabilities and instant PCI compliance, helping merchants serve customers and easily convert more shoppers to buyers worldwide.

Driven to provide the best experience for shoppers and maximum conversions for merchants, BlueSnap has spent the last 10 years continually optimizing checkout pages for online sellers around the globe. Combining that experience with UX expertise and new heat map/eye tracking technology to fine tune the checkout flow, BuyNow2 offers one of the most professionally streamlined checkout pages on the market today and significantly reduces development time.

With the ability to A/B test different page configurations and offers now included in BuyNow2, merchants can continually optimize their eCommerce strategy to convert more shoppers into buyers. With BuyNow2’s simple test tools, merchants can also reduce the time it takes to experiment and change pages for new or existing products. Many of BlueSnap’s existing customers are already seeing the benefits of this new technology.

“As checkout abandonment reaches an all-time high, sophisticated merchants realize that customer experience is everything, and providing a seamless and optimized checkout flow is critical to the success of their business,” said Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap. “Our goal is to maximize the efficiency of every transaction and give merchants the choice to do what is best for their business. They can build their own pages with our extensive library of APIs or simply use our new hosted checkout pages that make it incredibly easy to sell and are all designed with the same goal in mind: to convert more shoppers to buyers worldwide.”

The new BuyNow2 checkout pages are fully PCI compliant and make it even easier to access all the other benefits BlueSnap offers, including intelligent payment routing and failover, easy integration and eCommerce tools designed to increase order-value and maximize every shopper conversion. Coupled with BlueSnap’s global offering, BuyNow2 equips merchants to scale their business worldwide.

While many other international payment providers can only serve a limited number of countries after a development-intensive set up, BlueSnap continue to expand its international reach and evolve its pre-configured solutions, believing that merchants deserve pain-free

deployment and best-in-class tools everywhere in the world. BlueSnap merchants can either use the simplified hosted pages like BuyNow2 or choose to develop gateway themselves with a fully customizable API-driven design.

A true global payments company with over ten years of experience, BlueSnap marries a strong history of both technology and payment processing experience to deliver the most comprehensive solution on the market today. With BuyNow2, BlueSnap has furthered it mission to provide merchants with one, dynamic checkout window with the design, tools and adaptability to drive global eCommerce.

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