BlueSnap Unveils 12 Predictions for Better, Stronger, Smarter Payment Acceptance in 2022

December 13, 2021

Businesses Will Take a Strategic Approach to Payments to Drive Growth, Improve Customer Experience, and Increase ROI for Businesses.


BOSTON, MA — December 13, 2021 — BlueSnap, a global payment technology company committed to helping B2B and B2C businesses accept and optimize digital payments around the world, has announced 12 key 2022 payment trends to provide organizations the insights needed to build better, stronger, smarter payment strategies that will drive growth, enhance the customer experience, and reduce costs.


While the pandemic drove businesses to adapt and shift to new business models, digitalization, and modes of operations, 2022 will bring accelerated changes in how companies consider payments.  Once thought of as merely a cost center, payments will emerge in a new role for businesses as a source of additional revenue. In 2022, forward-thinking businesses will reexamine their payments to drive growth, elevate the customer experience, and boost operational efficiencies.


“The most progressive companies will fully embrace the power of payments to drive growth, making them a key part of their value proposition and business model,” said Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap. “In the new year, as businesses look for ways to increase sales and reduce costs, they will realize that payments can be an impactful part of their strategy. Once considered something that merely facilitated the transaction, payments will be having their day in 2022.”


The full list of 2022 payment predictions has been released on the BlueSnap website. Here are several highlights:


A strategic approach to payments increases sales, fuels business growth, and impacts the bottom line. For companies that want to move forward in 2022, they will need to harness the power of payments. See the complete list in the essential resource.



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