BlueSnap Revolutionizes Healthcare Payments with Speed and Simplicity

February 25, 2021

Healthcare software providers turn to BlueSnap to power Integrated Payments
 with its customizable, white label payment platform

BOSTON, MA,  February 25, 2021 — BlueSnap, the All-in-One Payment platform for global B2B and B2C businesses, today announced its efforts to remove confusion in the patient billing process and help healthcare providers and services get paid faster, more efficiently and securely. The company’s Healthcare Payment Solutions for Platforms enable software vendors focused on the healthcare industry to offer a white-labeled, integrated payment solution to their clients.  By allowing healthcare platforms to seamlessly incorporate a digital payment workflow into their platform, BlueSnap is catalyzing the healthcare industry’s adoption of a more modern, patient-centric experience.

In 2018, Americans paid $376 billion in out-of-pocket expenses for their healthcare, and 66 percent of consumers would consider changing healthcare providers for a better payments experience. Meanwhile, healthcare providers only expect to be paid for, at most, 70 percent of patients’ bills. And when they are paid, three-quarters of healthcare providers wait more than a month to receive payment. Add the financial and physical impacts of COVID-19 and consumers’ increasing demand for contactless everything, and healthcare payments, of which 88 percent of providers still rely on manual, paper-based processes to get paid, must evolve.

“Healthcare moved online with telehealth, but most providers do not have an easy, digital way to bill and accept payments,” said Jeff Coppolo, SVP at BlueSnap. “We understand the impact digital payments can have on patient satisfaction and on healthcare organizations’ cash flow, especially during a health crisis like we are experiencing now. Offering white-label integrated payments to healthcare software platforms will allow providers to meet patients’ needs with technology they are already using.”

BlueSnap’s expertise in helping healthcare providers integrate digital payments into their platforms, through fully compliant, white-label workflows and automated onboarding, has led healthcare platforms like DENmaar, CoFi, Drugstore2Door, Healthcare Bluebook and others to choose BlueSnap to streamline payments for healthcare, prescription drugs and other medical products.

“Being able to quickly provide friction-free, contactless payments was essential for the independent drugstores that use our platform,” said TKTK of Drugstore2Door. “With BlueSnap, we have been able to help our customers continue to get urgent prescriptions and medical products to their customers with safe, seamless payments throughout the pandemic.”

With BlueSnap, healthcare platforms can create a fully compliant, customized payment solution for their clients with modern aspects that consumers have come to expect, including a seamless, mobile-first experience, card on file, and optionality to use preferred payment types like ACH, eWallets and cards.

“Seemingly overnight, mental health providers and patients had to adapt to new modes of interactions as the pandemic set in and the high volume of sessions was sustained over time,” Chris Husted, President of DENmaar said . “Being able to offer providers an easy solution to accept multiple forms of payments within the software they already use – to help mitigate disruption from their practice – comes as a relief for them. Patients have been eager to use Apple Pay and Google Pay within the DENmaar mobile app, thanks to the power of BlueSnap.”

“CoFi is addressing the frustrating problem of different parties separately billing patients for surgical procedures,” says Sean Hanlon, CEO of CoFi.  “Our platform gives patients the ability to pay multiple providers and medical facilities in a single transaction, reducing friction from the process for payees while making it easier and more organized for payers to settle their payment obligations. Through our partnership with BlueSnap, CoFi’s surgeon and surgery center customers are able to provide a patient-centric, highly streamlined payment experience to provide greater peace of mind and simplify the billing aspect of procedures.”

About BlueSnap
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