BlueSnap Mobile Technology Alleviates Shopper Abandonment Rate with One Click Mobile

October 8, 2013

BlueSnap Mobile Technology Alleviates Shopper Abandonment Rate with One Click Mobile

Waltham, Mass.—October 8, 2013— BlueSnap, a smarter payment gateway, today announced that the company’s SnapMobile optimization technology that provides a one- click checkout experience for shoppers using mobile devices has received a very positive response from customers. With shopper abandonment rates reaching upwards of 70 percent or more on mobile devices, merchants have been relying on BlueSnap to make it easy for shoppers to purchase from any device with just one click.

With SnapMobile, merchants have the ability to serve up the appropriate checkout form irrespective of whether the shopper is buying on a mobile device or a PC. BlueSnap auto detects the type of device a shopper is browsing from and automatically optimizes how the content is displayed on that device, allowing merchants to capture revenue that is typically lost with other eCommerce and payment processing service providers.

“A positive user experience helps alleviate shopper abandonment at the point of sale, our mobile optimized pages give merchants the ability to provide their shoppers with a premium user experience from any device,” said Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap. “BlueSnap’s goal is to maximize revenue for merchants. Serving up content to shoppers in a way that makes it easy to for them to purchase on any device, provides our merchants a superior advantage and ultimately helps them convert more shoppers into buyers.”

Not only has BlueSnap optimized their platform for mobile use, but also created the ability for merchants to customize the interface, serving up a seamless branded experience across multiple devices. As a smarter payment gateway, BlueSnap provides all of the intelligent payment routing, advanced subscription capabilities, and the global payment processing coverage and experience needed to support a successful transaction, in a simple, clean, mobile friendly interface.


About BlueSnap

BlueSnap is a smarter international payment gateway powering the checkout process for eCommerce merchants worldwide, and fueling growth for online businesses serving digital, physical and mobile markets. BlueSnap has reinvented the checkout experience by combining the power of these key components: Intelligent payment routing, seamless storefront integration, global payment processing, award winning smart subscriptions, mobile optimization, and dynamic marketing tools for up-sell at checkout,

Serving over 5000 merchants, and supporting shoppers in 180 countries by localizing the experience, with 28 languages, 60 currencies, and 110 payment types, BlueSnap is powering buys for merchants around the globe, and fulfilling their promise to
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