BlueSnap Enhances its Security and Fraud Prevention Capabilities to Defend Merchants against Cybercrime

March 27, 2014

BlueSnap Enhances its Security and Fraud Prevention Capabilities to Defend Merchants against Cybercrime

BlueSnap Keeps Customers Safe from Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud While Lowering the Costs of PCI Compliance for Merchants

WALTHAM, Mass., March 27, 2014 — Following on the heels of recent large scale cyber-attacks, BlueSnap, a global payment gateway, has increased its commitment to provide the best security and fraud solutions available to their merchants after an extensive internal review. The focus of the review ensures their offerings not only defend against cybercrime but provide solutions that offer easy, secure and flexible implementations that ease the scope of PCI compliance.

Available via BlueSnap’s BuyNow hosted checkout pages or APIs, Client Side Encryption helps online merchants protect payment card information while minimizing the costs and headaches of maintaining PCI compliance. For merchants who value having control over their checkout pages, the BlueSnap Client Side Encryption (Bluesnap.js) library allows them to encrypt credit card data in the shopper’s browser window, preventing this clear card data from ever reaching the merchant’s servers. This not only eases the scope of PCI compliance, but also mitigates the risk of cybercrime when payment card data is transmitted.

Once the card data reaches BlueSnap’s database, BlueSnap adds an additional layer of encryption. In the unlikely event of a breach, the data is unreadable and useless without the appropriate keys. BlueSnap combines Client Side Encryption with cutting edge tokenization—a process that substitutes real payment card data with fake data to minimize exposure.

Client Side Encryption complements a wide range of additional security measures that protect merchants and customers from the dangers of cybercrime and eases the scope of PCI compliance. BlueSnap’s IP infrastructure and hard encryption methods rest on multi-site datacenters that are fully redundant and synchronized in real-time. This provides instantaneous failover capability that ensures consistent transaction processing.

In addition, BlueSnap’s self-learning fraud prevention systems combine the power of automated fraud detection and with dedicated fraud professionals who provide in-depth protection and analysis. The automated system uses sequences of customized, industry specific fraud checks and other verification parameters to authenticate submitted transactions based on IP address, frequency of orders and many other unique rule sets.

Overall, BlueSnap’s developer-friendly APIs allow merchants to create and manage their own customized checkout pages while the BuyNow hosted check-out pages give merchants out-of-the box templates in 29 languages, more than 60 currencies and 110 payment types for a truly localized checkout experience. These flexible integration options ease the scope of costly PCI compliance certification.

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