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As an independent software vendor (ISV), your customers expect you’re doing everything you can to make their job easier—including accepting payments. So if you knew their existing payment process was cumbersome (come to think of it, your own archaic billing system is, too!), wouldn’t you try to improve it? One powerful way to reduce friction in both these areas is with integrated payments.

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There’s no better—or easier—way to create a more seamless user experience that also helps you generate revenue at the same time.

What are integrated payments?

Adding an integrated payment system into your software allows your clients to accept payments, within the software itself. Your clients can easily accept payments and generate invoices for their services, whatever they may be, within the software; and their customers, in turn, can pay those bills without having to leave the application.

Who should use an integrated payment system?  

When it comes to software platform development, providing a way for users to accept payments is usually an afterthought. Every kind of software platform can benefit from implementing integrated payment processing. Making everything about your software seamless, including invoicing and payment processing, should be a priority for every ISV.

How can an integrated payment solution help my software?

Working together with BlueSnap, integrated payments benefit your company because:

  • It enhances the user experience. An embedded payment solution makes your software better. It improves the functionality, simplifies business processes (reducing friction!), and gives users the tools they need to better serve their customers.
  • It’s easy to integrate. Get up and running quickly with a REST-based, easy-to-integrate API or hosted solution that lets you start offering payments immediately.
  • It provides you with an additional revenue stream. At BlueSnap, we partner with ISVs to share the revenue generated through payment processing. This adds to your bottom line.
  • It helps increase your global sales. BlueSnap’s platform serves merchants and customers all over the world. We’ll give you all the processing power you need to reach customers everywhere, and complete more global payments successfully.

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Integrated payments benefits your client base because:

  • It helps them get paid faster and easier. Invoicing the traditional way slows down their business processes. But using software that has payment integration built in speeds up the billing and accounts receivable process. As an integration solution it also cuts out multiple steps, including manual invoice generation, mailing of the bill, and offline payment.
  • It gives them greater visibility into their transactions. The right payment solution makes it easier for your clients to capture more customer data and better analyze their sales utilizing extensive reporting tools.

For ISVs that choose BlueSnap for integrated payments, your users will also benefit from more “muscle” in their payment processing. With a single connection to BlueSnap through your software, your users get all the powerful features of our All-in-One Payment Platform. Our global payment features, which were designed to increase sales, include:

On top of all that, we make integration easy—you can choose from multiple integration options, and get up and running quickly with our REST-based API.

Interested in finding out more about how a BlueSnap integrated payment system works?

Integrated payments is quickly becoming standard practice for businesses wanting to offer a more comprehensive software solution. Whether you’re unsatisfied with your current payment processing system or looking to implement integrated payments for the first time, check us out or get in touch!


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