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Choosing a white-label payment platform to power embedded payments lets software companies own seamless, branded payment solutions for their clients without having to take on the full responsibility for payments. However, selecting a platform with global capabilities can play an instrumental role in your success and growth in the payment business.

Why Software Platforms Choose White-Label Payments

With white-label payments, software platforms can appear to fully own their payment solutions while relying on a partner for the technology, compliance and risk – all the aspects that require expertise. Your customers , however, won’t realize a third-party payment processor is involved. They will attribute the capabilities and payouts to your platform.

This seamless experience can contribute to your platform’s value, competitive advantage and revenue. We surveyed software platforms that have embedded payments, and:

  • 48% saw a competitive advantage over other software providers
  • 45% experienced new revenue streams from monetized payments
  • 35% increased their client acquisition
  • 28% saw an increase in company valuation

According to the same survey, 76% of leaders say offering a global payment solution to their clients is very or somewhat valuable. The more capabilities you provide to your clients, the more they will rely on your platform and the fewer reasons they have to look elsewhere. Partnering with a global payment solution enables you to support your clients as they and your business grow.

How to Choose the Right Global White-Label Payment Platform

Whether you’ve already embedded payments into your software and now want to add global functionality or you’re an established software company looking to expand your offering, it is important to choose a payment platform that meets your current and future needs. Look for these key features when selecting a white-label payment platform.

Single Integration: Choosing a single-integration payment solution means your team has less to manage, maintain and update. A single comprehensive solution is a one-time investment with one customer support team to contact and one reliable place to turn to with questions or for support.

Meets Compliance Standards: Payments come with various regulations and compliance requirements that only become more complex on a global scale. Instead of devoting your own resources to these requirements, select a global payment platform that manages this for you. Single-country solutions may not offer the flexibility and depth of services that a growing business requires and will not be able to support your business as you expand to other markets. Global embedded payment platforms let you confidently run your business without worrying about liability.

Simple, Fast Onboarding: Choose a partner that can help you get your merchants up and running quickly. This achieves a faster path to revenue and a better experience for your clients. If you are transferring merchants to a new provider, be sure to choose a partner experienced with efficiently migrating each piece of required information.

Truly Global Solutions: Selling global payments to your clients can be complex. Look for a partner with proven global capabilities and expertise. This will ensure that you can fully support the countries where you are accepting payments and with the right currencies and payment methods, as well as the banking relationships to get the payments authorized. Other functionality to look for includes global payment optimization, reduced cross-border fees and reduced foreign exchange costs.

Extensive Customer Support: Excellent payment support extends beyond FAQs. True customer support from your payments partner should be reachable and address technical issues and align with your go-to-market strategies. .

BlueSnap’s Global White-Label Payment Platform for Embedded Payments

For software companies that want to successfully monetize payments, identifying the right partner is key. BlueSnap’s embedded payments solutions are designed to help businesses expand revenue, grow globally and create the payments experience they want for their clients – all with expert support to help ensure success.

Our global white-label payments platform offers flexible payment monetization, fast merchant onboarding, global payment acquiring, built-in payment orchestration with fraud detection, global payouts, expert platform support and tailored risk management. To learn more about partnering with BlueSnap to offer your clients world-class payments, talk to one of our experts today.

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