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Get Global & Mobile Payments Right With BlueSnap—The Better PayPal Alternative

Considering PayPal as your company’s payment processor? It may be a household name, but that’s partly the reason why it isn’t the best choice for your business.

PayPal offers both consumer and merchant payment services; as a result, sometimes it has to choose between serving merchant processing needs or the needs of the consumer. Unfortunately for you, PayPal’s main interests lie in consumer services, but what’s best for consumers isn’t always best for merchants. That means you’ll miss out on some crucial payment processing features that could actually be helping to increase your sales!

BlueSnap is a PayPal alternative that has those powerful features required for sophisticated payment processing. Merchants are our sole focus, and innovation is important to us—that’s why you’ll always have access to the latest payment technology. As a BlueSnap merchant you’ll benefit from:

  • Global processing so you can sell anywhere in the world.
  • Support for more than 100 payment types, including popular eWallets.
  • A flexible, easy-to-integrate Payment API that elevates the checkout experience (and includes SDKs!).
  • A Hosted Checkout option that eliminates development time and minimizes your PCI burden.
  • Built-in, world-class fraud prevention technology.
  • Hundreds of connections with popular ecommerce platforms (so you don’t have to leave the one you’re with!).
  • A dedicated support team and lots of ways to get in touch.

Want more specifics on why BlueSnap is a better alternative to PayPal? Take a look at the breakdown below.

Why BlueSnap Is The Best PayPal Alternative

Global Processing

Countries Supported for Businesses180200
Acquiring Banks for Local Payment Processing30+ globally, included with your merchant account to increase transaction approval rates worldwideA single bank based on your home region
Intelligent Payment RoutingYesNo
# Of Currencies Accepted10025
# Of Payment Types Accepted110+6
Supported eWalletsPayPal, Masterpass, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AlipayPayPal and Venmo only

BlueSnap helps you make more successful transactions around the world because:

  • We use a global network of more than 30 banks to increase every transaction’s chances of success. No matter where your shoppers are in the world, our intelligent payment routing engine sends each transaction to the bank most likely to approve it. (Cross-border transactions experience up to 20% more declines due to the challenges posed by using an out-of-country acquiring bank!)
  • We accept over 100 currencies, which helps your customers everywhere know exactly how much they’ll be paying. It also makes it more likely that the transaction will be approved by the acquiring bank.
  • We support more than 110 payment methods so your customers can choose whatever method of payment they are used to. That includes new payment types like eWallets (we support all of them!), and the most popular payment methods everywhere in the world—like SEPA in Europe and Alipay in China. (Up to 13% of your global shoppers are likely to abandon the transaction if they don’t see their favorite payment method!)

Want to know how BlueSnap can help your business expand into new global markets safely and securely? Ask us!

User Experience & Integration

Integration Methods/OptionsAPI, hosted payment fields, localized hosted checkout, Platform plug-ins, SDKs in 8 languages, In-app paymentsAPI, Checkout Form, Platform plug-ins, SDKs in 6 languages, in-app payments
Additional ways to accept paymentsMarketplaces, Subscriptions, Invoice Payments, Virtual TerminalInvoice Payments, Virtual Terminal
# Of Languages2913
Integration PartnersIntegration Partners
100+ and more being added every day

Our integration options make it easy for you to remove friction from the checkout experience by giving you:

  • The ability to connect with 100+ popular ecommerce platforms, so you don’t have to change your existing solution.
  • A robust RESTful API that gives developers the flexibility to design your ideal checkout experience and the tools to do it quickly and easily. To shorten development time even further, we have SDKs in multiple languages and for mobile platforms.
  • The ability to design mobile-optimized checkout pages in a secure payment environment. Plus, you can maximize conversions by accepting all the most popular mobile wallets.
  • The ability to communicate with customers in 29 languages compared to PayPal’s 13! (Seventy-five percent of shoppers prefer not to make a purchase decision unless the site is presented in their native language!)

Built into BlueSnap’s Platform is the ability to offer multiple ways to accept payments. Simply connect once and enable additional ways to pay as you expand into new markets or sales channels. Our features include:

  • Marketplace payments is a multi-party payment solution that allows you to set up and manage a platform where other vendors can sell goods and services. We make it easy for you to onboard new vendors, and adjust commission splits on the fly.
  • Invoice payments lets you give customers a convenient payment experience even without a website. Customers can quickly pay invoices on a customized payment page secured and generated by our payment platform.
  • Virtual terminal allows you to take manual orders over the phone or via a secure payment link. You can accept credit/debit cards and ACH payments, and even set up recurring payments for subscriptions.

Pricing, Security & Compliance

Fraud ProtectionYes. We partner with Kount to provide industry-leading fraud prevention built into our platform.Yes—a homegrown solution. $10 monthly fee for advanced fraud protection
Chargeback ManagementYes. We provide pre-chargeback alerts and help resolve disputes.Yes
PCI CompliancePCI Level 1<PCI Level 1<
Rate2.7% for U.S. merchants; Less than 4% for merchants outside the U.S. (rate varies by country) + no monthly fee if above $2500/month2.9% for U.S. merchants; 4.4% outside the U.S. and a fixed fee based on currency. $30 monthly fee for Pro; $10 monthly fee for subscriptions
Per Transaction Fee$0.30$0.30
Tokenization & VaultingYesYes

Together with our partner Kount, we do everything possible to protect your revenue and give you a say over how much fraud protection your business really needs. To help minimize your fraud risk we offer:

  • Three levels of enhanced fraud protection services, consisting of:
    • Leaving complete oversight of fraud management to us
    • Creating customizable thresholds for key fraud variables
    • Enabling your in-house fraud agents with enterprise Kount
  • Tokenization and vaulting, adding an extra layer of protection to every transaction.
  • PCI level 1 compliance; or, for merchants who host their own order pages and use BlueSnap APIs, free enrollment in a PCI security program through Security Metrics.

Talk to us about how we can help your business convert and protect more revenue today!


Recurring PaymentsYes, plus a full subscription engine for more complex requirementsYes, but limited
Payment TypesCards, PayPal, Sofort, iDeal, Webmoney, eNets, Giropay, WiresCards & PayPal only
Account UpdaterYesNo
Automated retriesYesNo
Automated remindersYes, for shoppers who need to initiate a paymentNo

BlueSnap offers recurring payment capabilities plus a full subscription engine for more complex requirements—something you won’t find with PayPal. Our features:

  • Include Account Updater, which automatically updates your shoppers’ subscription payment information so you don’t lose sales when their cards expire or change.
  • Allow you to accept alternative payments with subscription billing. Let your customers pay for subscriptions using wire transfers, purchase orders, and e-checks if they like.

Automatically retry subscription purchases several times during a grace period to maximize customer conversion globally.


ReportingSales intelligence, payment conversion reporting, and consolidated reconciliation for all payment types and currencies. A mobile app gives you 24/7 access to data.Sales intelligence, conversion reports, and reconciliation for cards and PayPal only.
Customer SupportGlobal team with call-in support, email support, and live chatGlobal team with call-in and email support
Developer SupportA Developer Hub and a dedicated account management

We pride ourselves on our high-level support for merchants, especially:

  • The availability of our support staff around the world. We are always available and ready to assist you with your payment gateway and merchant account questions. Contact us by phone, email, or live chat. This is in comparison to PayPal, where you are one of 10 million+ merchants, often left to fight for attention.
  • Our developer documentation is among the best in the business. Our Developer Hub provides code samples, a simple sandbox testing tool (no account needed!), and a place for developers to ask questions and get answers.
  • Our sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities let you deep-dive into your payment data and help you boost conversions. Plus, you get 24/7 access to data with our mobile app.

Want to hear more about why BlueSnap is the strongest alternative to PayPal? Contact us! We’d love to help your business reach its full payment conversion potential.

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