Redefining ROI

Unveil the Hidden Costs that Reduce Your Bottom Line

Manual invoice payment processing is time-consuming but technology can help.

What if for every $50 million in payment volume, you’re missing $1 million?

That sounds crazy, right? Of course, you would realize if you were missing out on that type
of revenue and savings. But time and again, companies come to us and we see that they have
been losing an extra 2% of revenue because their cross-border, or international, payments are
not configured for the best return.

The true cost of cross-border payments isn’t straightforward — especially if you use multiple
processors and/or invoice customers. Suboptimal payment processing costs you in preventable
fees and lost revenue.

Before we dig into why and how that happens, here is the purpose of this whitepaper:

We at BlueSnap have helped companies reduce payment processing fees and recover revenue. We can also show you the hidden costs and how to eliminate them.

We can help you find that 2%.

While most companies use conventional tech from a bank or gateway, we believe there is
a better way. Based on where and how your business sells, we can configure your payments
to minimize fees and maximize revenue.

There’s never a bad time to recover the money you lose to poor-fitting payment technology.
Given the unpredictable economic environment, now is an especially good time to try.

Want to learn how to improve your bottom line with payments? Claim the whitepaper now!