Innovative Software, Gaming and Digital Services Merchants Use BlueSnap’s Buying Platform to Increase Buyer Conversion Rates

March 5, 2013

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Innovative Software, Gaming and Digital Services Merchants Use BlueSnap’s Buying Platform to Increase Buyer Conversion Rates

Waltham, Mass.—March 5, 2013—BlueSnap today announced that online companies from a range of industries, including games, security, and software development, have experienced significantly higher online conversion rates using its comprehensive global buying platform, which fuels growth for online merchants across digital, physical and mobile markets.

“We are committed to helping our customers convert more shoppers into buyers,” said Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap. “Our powerful platform has been optimized to increase an online merchant’s conversion rate significantly, with nearly a dozen separate features specifically designed to increase conversions 25-30%.”

With more than 5500 customers in 145 countries around the world, BlueSnap’s proven platform delivers a buying experience that significantly increases conversions. Among its features, BlueSnap provides branded checkout that typically increases conversions by 30% compared to non-branded checkout. BlueSnap’s BuyNow capability enables the shortest possible checkout from any page, typically leading to 10% higher sales.

BlueSnap’s global capabilities deliver automatic localization in language and a broad range of popular, local payment methods, dramatically reducing shopping cart abandonment for global merchants. Single-click ordering for returning customers delivered 25% higher conversions for one B2B merchant.

  • Dooblo, a global survey software provider that operates in more than 40 countries, chose BlueSnap to help the company maximize their global coverage. “Studies show that offering local currency, language and payment methods can improve conversion rates by 25 percent,” said Ofer Heijmans, CEO and Founder, Dooblo. “BlueSnap offers a fully localized experience for customers to buy in their native language and currency and adding payment options at BlueSnap is as easy as clicking a button. After switching from a competitor to BlueSnap, our business has doubled.”
  • Matrix previously used another payment platform. “Switching to BlueSnap from a competitor increased our revenues by 25 percent from the same amount of website traffic,” said JD McNeil, CEO, Matrix Games and Slitherine a video games Publisher.
  • WhiteSmoke also evaluated its options and made a change. “After switching to BlueSnap’s platform a few years ago, our sales have been increasing consistently worldwide,” said Hila Ovil Brener, Founder of the English writing software company.“BlueSnap listens to our feedback and offers solutions that can be tailored to meet our specific business needs.”
  • OneHourTranslation CEO, Ofer Shoshan, said: “BlueSnap provides the integrated, powerful, flexible platform that we need to offer the speed and efficiency our customers expect.”

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