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Got a few minutes to spare? If not today, squeeze some time in soon to check out one or more of the payment industry blogs rounded up below. I don’t have to tell you how crucial payment processing is to your eCommerce business (or do I?), nor do I need to tell you how complicated payments can be (especially global ones) so it’s a good idea to have some authoritative, current resources handy to help you stay in the loop. Payment trends, compliance changes, new payment types, and more could all affect your business significantly. If you’re not paying attention, you could wind up missing opportunities that would bring in revenue—or compliance requirements that would set you back.

I don't need to tell you how complicated payments can be (especially global ones), so it’s a good idea to have some authoritative, current resources handy to help you stay in the loop. Click To Tweet

BlueSnap merchants automatically stay up to date on all things payment-related thanks to our own newsletter. (Did you know that more than 50% of sales this holiday season will take place on mobile devices, and that eWallets will capture a good chunk of those payments? Our merchants do, and they’re getting busy implementing them as we speak.) You don’t have to be a BlueSnap customer to subscribe—so do it now! Then choose another favorite from the list below and add it to your daily reading list.

Payment Industry News Outlets & Blogs

1. PaymentsSource

A leading news and information source for everything (primarily U.S.) payments, PaymentsSource covers news on a wide range of topics, from eWallets and merchants to compliance and technology. While you can read a limited amount of content on this site without subscribing, you’ll get access to some additional golden nuggets if you do, like research reports, industry rankings, and white papers and seminars.

2. PaymentEye

For insights and thought leadership pieces on the global payments scene, check out PaymentEye. Not specific to companies or vendors, its content is more general in nature, including podcasts like “Checking Out…The eCommerce Checkout Process” and articles like “Why Technology Is Not The Answer To A Super eCommerce CX.”

3. Payments Cards & Mobile

This one is similar to PaymentEye but has an emphasis on mobile. Its content also covers the issuing/acquiring bank side of payments, so if you really want to understand what goes on behind the scenes, this is a good source.

4. Finextra

About more than just payments, Finextra is a fascinating mix of news and insights about the entire financial system and the technology that powers it. (Did you know there’s a debit card that meows? Or that most banks will be made irrelevant by 2030?) For a broader view of payments, take a look here.

5. Bob’s Guide

Launched in 1995 by tech expert Bob Browning, this site “connects providers of fintech solutions with the financial services professionals who need them.” In the payment space, this site’s content centers closely around payment providers and vendors. (Think “Angie’s List” for fintech products and services.)

6. TechCrunch

As is evident by the name, TechCrunch is the authoritative source for financial (and other) news related to tech startups.

7. MobilePaymentsToday

It’s more important than ever to think of mobile eCommerce as its own individual component of online selling, and MobilePaymentsToday will help you stay on top of this area. It covers news about how banks, fintech, merchants, and others are addressing mobile payments; you’ll also find fact-based reports, product reviews, and blog articles.

eCommerce News Outlets & Blogs

8. Internet Retailer

A Digital Commerce 360 brand, Internet Retailer is filled with data-driven content about the eCommerce market, like this year’s predicted holiday sales numbers and the leading vendors to the top 1,000 eRetailers. You can also search for a targeted research report for your specific industry segment—whether it’s food, luxury items, home goods, or just about anything else.

9. National Retail Federation (NRF)

The blog published by the world’s largest retail trade association dips into all the latest retail industry news, including trends and insights about where retail is heading. It’s a great way to see what other (usually large) brands are doing with regard to things like technology, operations, and payments.

10. BigCommerce

If you’re a physical goods merchant selling online I recommend reading this high-quality blog. As one of the leading eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce has its finger on the pulse of the news, strategies, and selling tips most relevant to online businesses. From the quickest ways to increase eCommerce sales to decoding IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS technologies, you’ll always come away with something new.

Payment-related Blogs

11. Kount

Our partner in (fighting) crime, Kount, has a terrific “Blog Against Fraud” that goes deep into eCommerce cybercrime. Even if your payment provider has fraud prevention covered (and they should!), it’s smart to be aware of the issues surrounding fraud and how they impact your industry.

12. Chargebacks911

With the holiday season upon us, ways to prevent chargebacks should be top-of-mind. You can learn everything you need to know about it on Chargebacks911’s blog, which contains a wealth of expertise. It calls out the latest fraud trends, explains the basics of chargebacks, and presents new studies eCommerce merchants should know about.

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