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BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payment Platform provides businesses insightful sales intelligence, so that they can act on their business performance a better way.

At BlueSnap, we give businesses full visibility of their payment data so they have the insights they need to increase sales and reduce costs.

We talk to businesses every day facing challenges with their payment reporting. For example:

  • They need to assemble data from multiple sources
  • They must normalize data across currencies, payment types, regions and providers
  • And often they can’t access their payment conversion rates

This means reconciliation takes longer and they don’t have the insights they need to make business decisions.

At BlueSnap we believe there is a better way to deliver insights to businesses so that they can drive more sales. This translates to real value for businesses. One of the most distinctive reporting capabilities we offer is visibility into payment conversions.

Conversion rates can be analyzed by transaction value, issuing bank, country, product and more. This makes it easy for any checkout abandonment or any payment authorization issues.

Our payout detail report gives businesses a complete view of the transaction, from sales to settlement for all currencies, payment types and fees to make reconciliation easy.

With our transaction detail report, businesses can tailor the reporting to fit their needs. They can use customize fields to add things like a unique identifier which they can use to track transactions back to their internal systems.

Our fraud reporting helps businesses identify issues and optimize their fraud settings. Businesses can address issues like card testing, friendly fraud and also analyze reports by country, product and more.

Businesses can also use this data to refine their marketing spend and shift efforts away from the markets where there are high levels of declines due to fraud.

With BlueSnap’s Platform, businesses have three easy ways to access their data:

  1. Through the BlueSnap reporting dashboard and mobile app.
  2. Through our Reporting API, which allows businesses to easily pull payment data into their existing BI systems.
  3. Via webhooks, where businesses can get instant notifications of more than 20 different events including sales, refunds, payouts and many others to keep them instantly informed of events happening in their accounts.

At BlueSnap, we provide businesses a single source of reporting for the real-time data needed to increase sales and reduce costs.

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