Xero is an enterprise accounting software platform that helps small businesses manage their accounting, payroll, workforce management, expenses and projects. With Xero’s solution, you can connect numerous apps, banks and other financial institutions directly to your business to help you run, manage and track your finances.

When using BlueSnap AR Automation and Xero together, you can streamline your billing and payments processes, and your customers get more options for making payments. The bidirectional data flow ensures that all your records stay up to date. BlueSnap AR Automation expands on Xero’s capabilities by offering automatic payment processing, a customer portal, payment link, and customer insights and management.

Key Benefits of BlueSnap AR Automation and Xero:

Improved Cash Flow
Streamline the quote-to-cash process and your workflows for more efficient invoice processing, recurring payments and collections.

Improved Forecasting & Planning
BlueSnap automatically tracks your invoices, giving you accurate business data. BlueSnap bidirectionally syncs with Xero for seamless reconciliation and reporting.

Enhanced Customer Experience
Improve communication and enable customers to pay their invoices and balances, update billing information and view important account documents directly through a branded customer portal.

Increased Productivity
Automate each step of your billing, accounting and payment process through one application – no coding required.

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Here’s What You Get with a BlueSnap + Xero Integration

  • Enable customers to store their preferred payment methods for hassle-free payments
  • Configure Auto Payment rules to automatically charge invoices
  • Highly configurable, multichannel communications, workflows and task automation to increase payments while reducing manual efforts
  • Virtual Terminal for your employees to enter payment information
  • Secure payment links for single or multiple invoices
  • Charge invoices directly from your Xero or AR Automation account
  • Enable fully compliant surcharging to cover the costs of credit card & ACH transactions
  • Secure payment links for single or multiple invoices
  • Design cadences to fully automate specific aspects of your AR with fully customizable workflows and communication rules
  • Easily manage recurring invoices, subscriptions, usage-based billing and automatic payments
  • Save time and streamline processes with communications and dunning automation, turning hours of work into minutes
  • Accept 100+ currencies, major credit/debit cards, ACH, SEPA and digital wallets

How to Get Started with BlueSnap & Xero

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