Chargebee, a BlueSnap Partner

Chargebee enables SaaS and other businesses to automate their recurring billing, renewals, collections and reconciliation. Their flexible platform offers 480+ recurring billing scenarios, robust subscription management and streamlined revenue operations to meet any business need.

By connecting your Chargebee account to BlueSnap, you’ll benefit from secure, global payment processing in over 200 regions, and in a variety of currencies and payment methods.

Key Benefits of Using BlueSnap’s Global Payment Orchestration Platform with Chargebee:

Grow Predictable Revenue
Secure recurring sales and increase transaction approvals with Account Updater and automated retries.

Expand Globally
Grow your subscription sales in new markets with 100+ currencies, multiple payment types including ACH, local card acquiring and more.

Support Any Recurring Model
Customize your payments to meet your business needs so you can collect repeat funds the way you want to.

Streamline Operations
Get clear visibility into your business with robust, customizable reporting capabilities for better reconciliation and planning.

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With BlueSnap’s Chargebee Integration, You Get:

Global Payments:

  • Multi-currency processing
  • ACH, Credit/Debit Cards, SEPA
  • Account Updater
  • Auth Capture
  • Vaulted Shopper
  • Payment Optimization

Reporting & Reconciliation:

  • Extensive standard reporting and payment analytics to quickly dive into critical payment data.
  • Customized reporting with a variety of report categories to create, manage and run your own reports.
  • Reporting API to efficiently pull data, then parse it for your needs and push to your third-party tools.

Chargeback & Fraud Prevention:

  • 3D Secure
  • Built-in fraud prevention and risk management
  • Device data collector

How to Get Started with the BlueSnap Chargebee Integration

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