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We are pleased to announce one of our newest customers, MyLife. MyLife is an online service that helps people protect their privacy, reputation and identity against stalkers, thieves and others with malicious intentions; it’s like an online body guard! Since Generation Y spends over 50 days a year on the Internet, we see the real world application for this service.


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Founded in LA in 2012, MyLife started to outgrow their American roots and wanted a payment gateway that could foster sales and subscription revenue outside of the US as well. Luckily we were there to help them bridge the gap to sell over the pond!


We have been working closely with MyLife to adjust their transaction processes and settings to give them the most efficient processing possible. We ironed out all the kinks and they were live at the beginning of February.


Our partnership with MyLife started only three weeks ago and since then MyLife has already seen a significant uplift in payment authorization rates, increasing both initial and recurring revenue for MyLife. “Our goal is to help merchants convert more shoppers into buyers, and we continue to see a 10 to 20 percent increase in conversions for our merchants,” said Ralph, CEO of BlueSnap. “MyLife provides an outstanding example of how our intelligent payment technology can drive increases in sales and revenue. We’re very proud of the results they have achieved with us.”


We are happy to share this story with all of our followers and hope to continue to help merchants sell globally in a snap and increase their sales!


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