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If you are like most people you probably have over 400 photos on your smartphone and maybe 100 or so videos. What do you do with all those photos besides post to Facebook and Instagram? Enter Magisto, a new BlueSnap customer. Magisto can automatically transform those photos and video clips into a short stylized home video using their cloud-based mobile video platform in three easy steps.

Magisto compiles a visual, audio and storytelling analysis that adds Hollywood-style suspense, emotion and excitement to home videos. Magisto has grown to over 35 million users since its launch in 2011, with over 250 million videos created. In 2014, Magisto was named to the Red Herring Europe Top 100 list, which recognizes the region’s most exciting startups.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.16.12 PMMagisto

Given this tremendous growth over a short period of time, Magisto needed a reliable way to sell to consumers around the world. As an Israel-based startup, Magisto needed to sell in dozens of foreign countries without the burden of managing legal and financial obligations in each country. BlueSnap was the ideal solution for simplifying their cross-border sales needs.

Magisto also needed a platform that could handle a mix of monthly subscription billing and one-time charges per video. With the use of our Smart Subscriptions services they are able to offer free trials, time-bound promotions and much more. Customers can manage their own subscription plans, billing information and account history with the shopper management tools we provide. In addition, Magisto can use our real-time analytics to track conversion rates, gauge income from long-term subscribers, analyze failed transactions and track the sales funnel which is vital to maintaining a successful subscription-based revenue model.

Finally, Magisto needed a payment gateway that was easy to integrate and didn’t have regional limitations. BlueSnap’s hosted checkout pages was the ideal solution since it supports sales in 180 countries with dynamic localization in 29 languages, 60 currencies and 110 different payment types – without any additional coding. By simply dropping our PCI compliant hosted checkout pages into their website, Magisto is equipped to expand into new markets at will, with a localized checkout experience that took no development time to create.

“As a fast-growing startup, we needed a global payment gateway that would eliminate the heavy lifting so we could focus on our product and our customers,” said Oren Boiman, co-founder and CEO of Magisto. “BlueSnap was the best solution available. We’re selling around the world, and our development team gets to focus on building the world’s best personal video creation platform.”

We’re proud to partner with Magisto in their entrepreneurial journey. Be sure and check them out today and have some fun creating some memorable videos. The marketing team at BlueSnap did, watch it here!

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