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With the changing economy, ISVs not only need to make adjustments for their own businesses, but also those of their customers, as the success of both is intertwined. In order to succeed, companies need to fully digitize their businesses, including their payments process.

As the world has moved to working from home, businesses can’t rely on physical payment methods for cash flow. ISVs can provide value by integrating payments into their platforms, while also creating a new revenue stream. Check out these resources to learn more about how choosing the right payment solution for your platform can help you and your customers get through these uncertain times and then grow in the future.

The Benefits of Integrating Payments into Your Platform

For retailers and software services alike, a seamless payment system is essential to the success of their platform. But what does it mean to be seamless, and why does it matter? We’ve created the following guide to break down the many benefits of integrated payment processing. From increasing your platform’s value to monetization opportunities and more, learn about all the benefits of integrating payments into your platform.

The Right Payment Integration Options for ISVs

Are you an independent software vendor (ISV) thinking about integrating a payment solution into your software? If so, it’s a smart move. To turn that idea into reality, you have two choices: become a payment facilitator or partner with an established payment facilitator. Warning: While creating your own in-house solution may seem like another smart move, it takes time. Find out why.

Integrated Payments that Boost Your Business

Offering best-in-class payments processing to your customers is a great way to boost the value of your software and bring in new and recurring revenue. Clearly, payment processing is a critical piece of running your business and, if you get it right, it can generate more revenue than your core business. But the only way to realize these benefits to their fullest extent is to adapt quickly to the rapidly evolving world of global eCommerce – or partner with a payment solution that does. Learn more.

Identify Ways to Save on Development Costs

The right payments solution should be alleviating your development team’s workload, not adding to it. Be sure the technology you choose works with the platforms and tools you already use. This will help to eliminate technical debt and increase your time to market with updates and enhancements to improve your customer experience and reduce costs and increase sales. Learn more.

Stop the Leaks with the Right Fraud Detection & Chargeback Management

Digital payment fraud won’t ever go away, but you can reduce the impact it has on your and your customers’ businesses by employing a more sophisticated fraud-fighting strategy — one that minimizes both criminal attacks and unnecessary declines. Additionally, chargeback management, while not always related to fraud, is important for recovering revenue and sustainable business growth.

Analyze to Optimize All You Do

Payment analytics can help you and your customers minimize costs and maximize overall performance. Payment analytics can provide insight into how your products are performing in different regions and how different payment types and currencies are contributing to your revenue. Having those insights at your fingertips will allow you to hone your sales strategy. Learn more.

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