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The BlueSnap Virtual Terminal is an ideal solution for merchants that want to accept credit card payments by mail order, email, fax, or over the phone. Whether it’s your sole sales channel or your looking to expand beyond your existing eCommerce store, the Virtual Terminal is a good fit for B2B and B2C companies.


With the Virtual Terminal, you can accept payments anywhere you can use a web browser. Want to just quickly submit a charge with minimal shopper info? That’s fine. Do you need to collect billing and/or shipping address, or pass custom fields? That’s fine too.


Want to see how it works? Check out our video here.


The Virtual Terminal supports BlueSnap’s eCommerce services including subscriptions, trials, coupons, shopper emails, and fraud prevention. And it’s integrated with BlueSnap’s reporting so you will always have access to your transaction data.


In addition, the Payment Link feature allows merchants to email customers a link to a secure payment page where they can enter payment information themselves. Just like with other BlueSnap hosted checkout pages, the look and feel can be customized to match the merchants branding. Payment Link is great when:

  • the shopper prefers to pay with a payment method that requires consumer authentication such as many alternative payment types or mobile wallets.
  • the shopper is uncomfortable providing payment details over the phone
  • businesses send electronic invoices to their customers


Companies that send e-invoices to their customers can embed the link in a “Pay Now” button on their invoice or in an email requvirtual-terminalesting payment.


The Virtual Terminal hosted by BlueSnap, leveraging the same security features as our hosted payments page and hosted checkout page. And our permissions capability allows you to define who can adjust the virtual terminal settings and who can submit charges.

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